Meet the owners

Joseph and Ryan Avila-Burillo, originally from Southern California, have brought their unique talents to Cedar Rapids, Iowa, where they've made a significant impact on the dining scene. Ryan, with a background in real estate and architecture, combines his skills with the rich architectural history of Cedar Rapids, while Joseph, a culinary expert with over 15 years of experience, ensures exceptional dining experiences. They married in 2019 and share their home with a loving fur family.

In 2021, they realized Joseph's dream of owning a restaurant with Chophouse Downtown, blending west coast steakhouse vibes with Iowa's culinary traditions. Chophouse Downtown quickly became a local favorite. In 2022, they added Chophouse Reserve, featuring a modern atmosphere and a unique 12-seat chef's table experience. Their latest venture, Mezcal Tequila Cocina, showcases their Mexican and Spanish heritage in an open scratch kitchen. What sets them apart is their commitment to authenticity and personal involvement in their establishments, making them beloved figures in Cedar Rapids' culinary scene.